FIVE things I hate to hear as a Mindset coach for young people

So here it is a kind of a soft rant about what I often hear said about coaching that really do irritate me. 

For years, I was looking for the word that would make everything make sense to me, more than often in my life I had been seek as the one to guide or offer comfort or even advice but I never quite knew how to qualify myself. I was just that type of person and that was all… I had the role of a nurturer and I revelled into it. 

A few years back I discovered the true extent of what being a coach could mean for me but also for people around me whom I could help. 

Then I went into observing mode, researching mode to finish by “the do it and get certified mode” earlier this year. 

It’s been a journey, and I have enjoyed most of the ride except from the here and there comments of people all over, from friends, to clients passing through family or even fellow professionals, and here is what I am coming to, a rant but to really dig deep into...

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Mindset and Lifestyle Coaching Questions and Answers

Having a coach is now part of our lives and having a coach as a teen is actually a great way to provide a safety blanket to being awesome and growing in confidence to do what you wish to embrace life and grow in total positive side.

A coach for a teen will help them be less in their own bubble and more ready to tackle the world.

What can a coach help with?

They can help a teen achieve certain goals and establish a route to follow their aspirations.

Is a coach a therapist?

A coach is not a therapist, a coach is there on the way to create a future whilst a therapist will work on fixing an event in the past that is affecting the present.

Is a coach needed when all is not going well?

Not necessarily, a coach can be there in that case but also to support teenagers who need a boost in order to accomplish a bigger picture.

Does a coach tell teenagers what to do?

No, a coach will support teenagers by enhancing what is already positive in the mind of the teenager in an objective way.


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How to help your teenager overcome a common setback called LACKING SELF-CONFIDENCE

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2021

Did you know that through adolescence, young people’s self confidence is rocked at least at 2 periods of times, according to “Psychology Today” around the age of 10–13 and about 18–23. If you think of both periods, those are times when big changes are happening and they will need most of your empathy, support and patience.

To be honest, I feel that as an adult, we never are truly confident, all in all, confidence often depends on who you are surrounded with and in which environment you are. I digress, the matter here is imagine if this is the case for you, how do teenagers feel? Now it is our roles, yes! us! Parents, carers, teachers, mentors to support young people regain their confidence.

I have a few suggestions, are you ready?

Here goes nothing!

Discuss what confidence is and how to use it, it might seem obvious to some but you see, this is POWER, use it correctly and it’s an entry point to the best life ever, on the contrary misuse it and it...

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